Our instrument is young. Compared too most instruments, it’s really young. It hasn’t been around long enough to have a codified method, a proven and focused approach to how to play and teach it. That’s good and bad. It’s exciting because anything is possible, people are still actively pushing the limits of what it can do, how it can function even what it’s structure is. The downside is that it can be overwhelming to know how to approach building a solid foundation. What to do to get out of a rut or make sense of the seemingly endless amount of information about what to practice and what not to practice and what order to do it in. There’s no clear method. We have all this information that’s not organized in a useful way.

And the info that is originated isn’t specific to the students needs. its a cookie cutter approach.

I’m pissed at how bad most bass teaching is and It doesn’t have to be that way.

The Riley Hagan Bass Method helps you gain fluency on the bass through effective muscle memory. Based on repeating fundamental patterns in an effective way. and helping you deepen your understanding of the learning process, witch will help your practice will become more effective and you will feel yourself making stepwise progeress. Helping you get out of your own way.

Riley Hagan has been perfecting his Bass Method since he started teaching at the age of 14. Though the years he has taken the best of what he learned at Breklee college of music, and with amazing instructors manring, felix, ect. and synthesized it into a focused  stepwise approach based on fluency of fundamentals through effective repetition.