Bass Lessons Unlimited is dedicated to providing the best private bass instruction in the world. 

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Bass Lessons Unlimited is made up of professional bassists looking to share their craft with eager and dedicated students.

We are not guitarists who teach bass on the side. We are professional bassists who collectively have decades of performance experience and decades of teaching experience. The two aren’t the same, effective teaching is its own skill set.

Our instructors specialize in The Riley Hagan Bass Method, an organized approach that’s tailored to the goals and abilities of each student. Specifically designed for Bass Guitar, Riley Hagan has refined the method with hundreds of students over the last 15 years.

If you’re a beginner, our instructors can help you form good habits from day one in order to build a solid foundation. If you’re an experienced bassist we can help you refine your technique and get to the next level in your playing. If you’ve been playing your whole life and find yourself stuck in a rut, we’ve been there and we know a way forward.

Our instructors each have unique expertise that they bring to their teaching. Using The Riley Hagan Bass Method as a foundation, our teachers customize each lesson plan to the goals and needs of the student. Creating a step be step program with you and developing an effective practice routine.