The best advertising for Riley is the steady stream of students (kids with parents, old guys, punksters, middle age ladies, etc...) leaving/arriving his musical sanctuary. Riley is a natural teacher. He serves up a healthy mix of finger, aural, reading techniques, scale work and most cool...getting the groove and playing through the changes! I enjoy how he peppers his teaching points with quotes and anecdotes from the musical masters. Lessons are fun, Riley has a great sense of humor. Lessons are challenging, he’s gonna push you.. just enough! If you enjoy practicing, playing and studying take lessons with Riley. It’s money well spent.
— Laurie M.
Riley’s an extremely competent bassist that’s got the right combination of chops, training and personality to be successful as a professional musician at just about any level he chooses.  Its to the good fortune of potential bassists in the Boston area that he’s also got the patience and flexibility to be an excellent instructor.  I recommend him to any player that longs to learn the intricacies of the instrument but also has to balance that passion with the more mundane aspects of life, work and whatever else gets in the way.
— Alan C.