Fantastic lessons.  Riley is attentive in gauging both affirming lesson selections according to students’ interest  and challenging new territory. His warm support and fun manner welcome kids and adults alike. His own musical talent is a great role model and mentor for players. I was heartbroken when my last teacher relocated, but then so happy I found Riley!
— Trish C.
I have taken lessons with Riley for six months now, with very positive results.  He has a good teaching method and is very patient and easy going. He is flexible with his approach and willing to spend time answering questions.  I would highly recommend him as an instructor for anyone wishing to learn the bass.
— Gerald B.
I’ve been taking bass lessons with Riley Hagan for four years. He’s a knowledgeable, positive and encouraging bass teacher. He’s been teaching since his teen years, and he can put techniques and concepts across in a way I understand. He keeps it fun and I’m excited about learning my instrument with Riley!
— Peter L.
SF Bass Lessons .jpg
I was an absolute beginner when I first went to Riley about a year ago. He expertly assessed where I was, and promptly set me on the path to proficiency (not to say greatness!). And it seems like it was the right path, because I’m so much better now than I was. More importantly, I really look forward to every lesson in the path ahead. Each lesson is the highlight of my week. I’m consistently impressed with Riley’s attention to detail, his technical abilities, his knowledge of music and music theory, his excellence as a diagnostician, and his ability to gently correct and make the best suggestions for how to improve. He remembers my lesson history very well, so that he can compare my current performance with where I was and suggest the right things to work on going forward. His background and experience have given him an excellent set of bass contacts, which has benefitted me immensely because I’ve had the chance to meet them, and hear them play, and feel like a part of that community. And besides all of that, Riley is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I couldn’t be happier with my bass instructor!
— Sarah L.